Thursday, August 14, 2008

Animals Crack Me Up

Animals, and in particular my cat, crack me up. Last Saturday I bought my kitty a 3-story cat condo like the one pictured below. Of course she wouldn't go anywhere near it other than to sniff it and run away. Even hiding treats inside and on top was of no use--she'd grab the treats and run.

Last night out of frustration I asked the cat (yes I talk to my animals, even the fish) if Mommy had wasted her money on the cat condo, and if I should just give it to the kitties at the humane society who would appreciate it? That must've struck a chord because within an hour or so I got this picture.

You can see some of the treats (bribes) inside the bottom level. Well my little heart-to-heart must've worked. I'm not sure how often I'll see a repeat of the above, but she seems to enjoy laying on the top where she can look out the window--she enjoys it enough that she got up early today and instead of snuggling with me in bed she curled up on top of her condo. I'm so happy that she finally seems to realize that it's hers and is getting to like it.

I know that some people may disagree, but I think my cat can understand a lot more of what I say to her than I ever thought possible. Maybe she just picks up on how I'm feeling rather than what I say, but the end result is the same. IMO she's one smart kitty.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a great day.


Leah said...

That is so great! I have 2 cats and I totally agree that they can understand alot more than we think...I'm glad she decided to like her condo:)

The Stampin' Soldier said...

Oh, my little Lilly Belle totally understands what I'm saying. I talk to her constantly.

Anonymous said...

That's funny! I enjoyed reading your cat condo story. My cat totally understands what I say, too... Like reaching up to touch the doorknob when he wants out and when I say "NO". He also has to drink running water out of the sink instead of his water bowl. Silly cats, but we love 'em!! ;-) hugs, Monica