Monday, March 3, 2008

Well, I completed my ink project this weekend. I bought some crates at Hobby Lobby that I was going to glue some dividers in, but I was having some problems getting the sizes right so that all of my ink pads would fit. So Plan B was to visit a few antique malls and see if I could find an old soda crate or something similar.

The second store I visited had a few soda crates, but once I saw one in person I realized the sections were going to be too small for most of my inks. Then I started noticing how perfect some of the knick-knack storage shelves would be. Of course, most of them were marked NFS, but I happened upon one that was for sale for only $12. I brought it home, cleaned it up a little bit and got to work labeling my ink pads. They didn't all fit, so I'll have to keep a lookout for another shelf, but here's the final result. I did use one of the HL crates for my distress inks and a few others that I use more often.
Ink Storage

I also finally got my Easter decorations out. I went a little overboard with my Happy Easter sign, but I couldn't help it I was having so much fun with my acrylic paints and glitter and ribbon. The two smallest decorations were hand made for my boyfriend by a neighbor when he was little--they're about 30 yrs old. He told me that she had her own studio in her basement where she made pottery. His mother just gave them to us yesterday.
Easter Decorations

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