Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kitten Cuteness :-)

My kittens are getting so big so fast. They both were trying to squeeze into the bed that I got them a few months ago and it's a much tighter fit than it used to be.

Here they are back in Oct:

And here they are this week (4 months later):

I can't believe how much they've grown in such a short time--they've each gained at least 4 lbs and are very sweet, playful fuzzballs that love to snuggle. They are so loving it's like they know how horrible their lives could've ended up at the shelter and they are so happy/thankful to have a good home. They get into everything and can be very frustrating at times, but it is so worth it when they nuzzle up to my neck and purr themselves to sleep.

I took a picture of the Valentine's Day cookies I made for Joe on Sunday, but it's still on my camera--I haven't found time to download yet. This weather and lack of sunshine has been making me want to do nothing but sleep. The last few days we've been seeing peeks of the sun and I can tell I feel better/more energized when it's out. I have put it off long enough and now this weekend I have to make 4 b-day cards.

Nothing like a little pressure to get the creative mojo going. Wish me luck!

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