Monday, March 23, 2009

Wedding Flowers

I had my first meeting with the florist on Saturday to get a feel for what I want and how much it's all going to cost me. I was happily surprised that I can get everything I want + delivery (with some room for upgrades) for under $1,000.

The only problem I had was that my wedding is in the Fall and right now they have mostly Spring flowers available, so there were a few that I had to imagine in different colors. One thing I know for sure is that I am having Circus roses as my main flower (for bouquets and boutonnieres) no matter what. You couldn't ask for a more perfect Fall colored rose. I love them and my honey said they were pretty cool too. If you've never seen them before it is the 2-tone rose in my photo below--yellow with reddish edges that seem to blend into a nice orange-ish color once they open up a little.

They sent me home with a bouquet of a few of the flowers and I couldn't be happier with them. I did have a slight change color-wise from what I had originally wanted, but I think that my flowers are going to be beautiful. I took a picture right after I got the flowers home:

And then a second photo the next day, after they had started to open up a little more:

I still plan on adding a few orange spray roses and some dark purple stock flowers to these, but I love all of the colors and I think they will look great with my dark purple bridesmaid dresses. I am going to order some ribbon in the color of the dresses to tie around the bouquets as a finishing touch and to tie everything together (literally and figuratively).

I can wait until closer to the wedding to see some of the other Fall colored flowers and place my order. I am so happy to have one more thing taken care of--one less thing to stress about.

The main thing that I cannot wait for is my ring! I am finally getting it Friday evening--I am so excited!

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Cheryl said...

These are so beautiful! It must be nice to check something else off the list, too. Best wishes!