Friday, March 13, 2009

CAS PTI Challenge & More Wedding Stuff

I know it's been a while since I've posted, but things have been crazy lately. Between work, home, wedding planning, etc., I haven't had much time in my craft room. I do have a few cards that I made about 2 weeks ago and never got around to posting. They were for PTI's weekly challenge and the focus was on a CAS (Clean and Simple) card--one layer, very few embellishments. I was on a roll and made two:

I used all PTI supplies for both cards with the exception of the tiny bling--and that's only because PTI doesn't make it's own bling (yet). If you have any questions about colors/stamps used leave me a comment and I'll get back to you with details.

OK, now on to wedding stuff. I have my dress picked out, but I'm not sure I want to post a pic here because I'm afraid my honey might see it. (I'm not sure if he comes here or not, but with my luck he would.) My only dilemma now is white vs. ivory. I am not sure which way I want to go right now. I was almost 99% sure I wanted ivory and now I'm second guessing and thinking about white. I can't seem to make a decision on anything anymore since I've had so many things coming at me at once.

I did make one decision--I bought myself some of the prettiest earrings to wear with my dress. They are at Macy's for about $900, but I went to the location that is closing and paid around $200 for them instead. They are white gold with tiny diamonds and finished off with pearls--they will go so perfectly with my ring too.

I tried to get a good picture this morning, but I was already running late and had to get out the door. I promise they sparkle in person and they are so "me". I can't wait to wear them! :-)

I know I haven't posted my ring yet, but I don't have it yet. We don't want to finance it so we're keeping it at the jewelers until we get it paid off. So as much as it kills me not to have it yet, I know we'll be better off without that debt over our heads once we get married. I hope to have it next month and I promise to post a pic ASAP!

Unfortunately I started biting my fingernails again with all of the stress of the last few weeks, so I'm hoping that getting my ring soon will be enough to help me stop again. I don't want to show off my ring with chewed up hands. I KNOW I can do this.

I'm sorry I don't have more crafty stuff to share, but right now wedding stuff is taking over my life. I plan on decorating my own unity candles so I'll be sure to post a pic of that too once I complete that.
Thanks for stopping by today.


cadnileb said...

Love the inking on the edge of the cards. :)

Heh, I know the dilemma on dress color. Although my skin lent itself well to "diamond white". Goodness knows what color that is. ;-) Can't wait to see the ring!!! Those earrings are gorgeous... can only imagine what the ring looks like!

Katie Renz said...

Ohhh love the earrings and can't wait to see the ring too :)

Both cards turned out fabulous too!