Friday, January 9, 2009

Organization, more organization, & a side order of stress.....

Sorry I don't have much to post lately--I decided to really get my craft area organized so I've been keeping busy with that and haven't made a card since my Christmas cards. On top of that we had been doing some ring shopping and that has been slightly overwhelming.

We found THE ring, put down a deposit, and then started to think that maybe we went a little overboard because it was more than we had originally planned to spend. I'm pretty sure it actually costs more than any car my sister has ever owned, but she's had some real hoopties. LOL!

We've been stressing out a little bit over the whole process and I've probably tried on 100 rings, but I am totally completely in love with the one we picked. I can't wait until we get everything finalized and I can have it on my hand. I promise to post pics as soon as I can.

Thanks for stopping by--I promise to have some updated cards soon.

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Deanna said...

Hmm, I have my head in the sand... r u talking engagement? If so woo hoo, can't wait to see pics!