Monday, January 26, 2009

Now I understand

why some people decide to run away and get married in Las Vegas!

After our second official day of wedding planning we're almost ready to have Elvis preside over the ceremony.

Hopefully it gets better. :-)

*Edited to add: The actual wedding planning part is fun. My honey and I are happy with our choices so far. It's the other people who seem to think that it's their wedding not ours who are telling us who, what, where, when, etc. that are bothering me.*


whoistracy said...

It depends on how you look at it! If you enjoy planning and matching flowers to the dress to the favors, etc- it can be a BLAST! If you hate spending money and stressing over all that there is to do, it can be awful.

Call me crazy, I enjoyed planning my wedding. Hopefully I won't have to plan another one! LOL

Heidi said...

Mary, I hope it gets better as you go along. As fun as it is, wedding planning can be draining when you have to deal with so many other people. Hang in there and enjoy the time with your sweetie. :)