Monday, October 20, 2008

Meet Lucy

On Saturday our Humane Society was having what can only be called a huge kitty sale. For one day only they reduced their adoption fees for cats and kittens to $19.95 (+$10 for rabies shots). This included all of their shots and the spaying/neutering. We got there early and there was already a line forming, but we were 4th so we could pretty much have our pick of the kitties.

Immediately I was drawn to the cage that had my new little sweetie in it. It took 2 hours of paperwork, background checks, and just waiting, but we now have a new family member, Lucy. She is 6 months old (approximately) and is the sweetest little ball of fur.

Right now we have to keep her separate from our other kitty to make sure she doesn't get her sick, and to slowly get them used to each other. My older kitty is not particularly happy right now, but she's handling it better than I expected. I think they're going to get along just fine after an adjustment period.

So Lucy is living in our spare bedroom which is my craft/computer room for now. She's obsessed with trying to catch the cursor on the computer screen when I move the mouse. It was very cute, but after the 100th time of saying "no" and putting her back on the floor, it got a little hard to use the computer. :-)


IamDerby said...

she is gorgeous Mary!

Kimberly said...

Hello Lucy!!
She is lovely, Mary!!! :)