Monday, October 13, 2008

Halloween is in the air.....

Halloween will be here before we know it, and I've already got the decorations out. My bf likes to decorate for holidays almost as much as I do and he got me a few new things this year to add to my small collection. I love how my orange lampshade already matched the theme so I kept my lamp right where it normally is.

In this close up you can see my cute little spider and my favorite skeleton tea light holders. I'm all about the battery operated tea lights, especially inside of my ceramic decorations. They don't heat up as much and I don't have to worry about burning my house down if I forget to turn them off. As my close personal friend Martha would say "it's a good thing."

My favorite new decoration is this lantern that my bf picked out. He knows how hard I look for cute black cat decorations and how I don't have much luck in that department. He found this for me and it's perfect.

I've always had a soft spot for black cats--I was 4 when we got our first and I've had 3 more (including my current kitty) since then, but I've never been without one during the last 30 yrs. They have always been the sweetest pets to have around and my current kitty is no exception.

Of course, whenever I try to take her picture she ends up looking sort of scary. I tried to catch how cute she looked while taking a nap with my bf, but her eyes were glowing so badly that I ended up with this.

She looks a little creepy, but I thought it fit very well with my Halloween post for today.

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