Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hopefully a good sign for Lucy

Lucy still has not given up so I'm not giving up on her. She had almost completely stopped eating on her own, but I noticed she would lick canned food off of my fingers. So I've been mixing canned food or baby food (chicken+broth) with unflavored Pedialyte and feeding her with a syringe. I'm hoping that it's starting to help her (along with all of the medications she's on).

Last night while we were eating dinner she came in and started begging like she used to before she got sick. I gave her a small piece of chicken and she ate it so I gave her more until she ate almost half of my chicken breast. After dinner I decided to cook another one and a small piece of salmon to have on hand for her. Joe started giving her a few pieces of salmon and she ate them too. (This was even after I had fed her about a 1/2 cup of the cat food/pedialyte mixture before dinner.)

This morning she ate a little bit of chicken and salmon, but not a lot. I gave her some medicine and then fed her some baby food/pedialyte and then I had to leave for work. About 20 minutes later Joe called and said she threw up. I was a little upset as this is the first time that has happened, but then he said it had a fur ball in it so that made a little more sense. Hopefully that was the only reason.

We're going to separate her and the other cat while we're at work again and leave her some food and see what happens. She honestly is starting to look a little better and she's being a little more active so I'm staying positive. She's a little fighter she's got lots of people praying for her so we're still taking it day by day, but I'm feeling a small glimmer of hope that she's going to recover.

I'm going to keep praying for the best and I appreciate all of the prayers and positive thoughts we've been getting. I truly believe they are working.

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