Sunday, January 17, 2010

No card today, but I did get caught up on the laundry, dishes, and some other things around the house that needed to get done. I also baked an apple pie. It still has to cool, but it looks (and smells) pretty yummy!

I also had some help putting up a new shower curtain liner. It's quite fitting that they help since the reason it was being replaced was because of the holes they had clawed and chewed in the old one. They are doing very well and they are growing like crazy, but they have definitely left their mark on our home (Yes, Clyde is chewing on it in this pic). Luckily they are the sweetest, cutest little things so we let them live. LOL

When we named them Bonnie & Clyde we knew they were close, but we had no idea just how close they really are. I have very few photos of them by themselves because usually they are together. They snuggle more than any two cats I've ever seen before, but I'm glad they have each other. It's hard to resist two snuggling little kitties. :-)

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