Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Halloween (a little late)

I finally was able to download some pics off my camera so I thought I'd share my pumpkin carving skills (getting better) from this past October.

First up is the kitty cat shown after dark. I had one of those color-changing lights inside it, so it went from red to blue to green and flickered like a candle. It was pretty cool.

Next is a scary face. I took this one to my parent's house so I wasn't there to take a pic after dark.

I only had time for two, but I love carving pumpkins and watching them when they're lit up at night. Maybe next year I'll have time for more. Of course, I roasted the seeds too--another tradition I'm not willing to skip.

I don't have any cards to show, but I have another pic of my kittens being cute and snuggly. It never gets old (to me) to see them sleeping all snuggled up together.

Hope you're having a warm, snuggly sort of day!


Belinda said...

Oooooh, ok, so a little late but I love your pumpkins! I don't seem to have the patience for this!

Ren-Yi said...

Heh - your pumpkins are awesome. i'm late posting mine too, including the one from 3 years ago ;)

my kitties cuddle up too and it's the cutest thing ever...